Remembering RC Tha Hazard

I recently attended RC Tha Hazards memorial hip hop show put on by Tyrow James in New Westminster on December 29th 2023.

We celebrated a friend, and local emcee that I don’t think can really easily be summarized in a short video or paragraph. He had so many people he was cool with from all angels of life that I think a book would need to be written on him to speak to everything he was a part of and memories he created with people. My self have several.

I founded UIYB Records (approximately) in 2001\2002 as I was motivated to be an artist and also get into the music industry. I was introduced to Ryan (RC) in about 2004. He was an underage back pack rapper who literally would show up everywhere and make music. As he got older and it was easier for him to be put on bills and a part of shows, he joined up with our team. In hip hop culture we’d refer to this as “our crew”. UIYB was a collective of 25 or so scrappy underdogs from Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Penticton, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver Island. We were artists, dj’s, promoters, producers, and everything in between. All woriing on our own projects but as the “label head” I would make sure everyone got a spot on our shows. We’d often pack venues just with our friends and family to enjoy 4-6 hours of live hip hop together. We created open mics, opened and booked some of hip hop’s biggest underground acts and a ton of other incredible stuff. Ryan was there the entire way. As I personally moved on from hip hop music wise, Ryan didn’t. He continued his dream and journey. Starting his own collective called Hazmat Crew.

We’ve built out a site for RC – to ensure that his legacy is there and will be documented.

Ryan and I disconnected for a period of time. It was unfortunate, but I don’t think either of us regretted it. It wasn’t a significant issue, but different journeys. We kept in touch online and through messages throughout the years.

As Lukas Graham wrote in his hit 7 years

“I got my boys with me, at least those in favorAnd if we don’t meet before I leave, I hope I’ll see you later”

I’ll see you when I get up there brother.

Thank you Ryan.


Ryan circa 2007: