Re-release of Lenny Diko’s 2008 album “I Hate Sunday Mornings”

We are excited to announce the re-release of several UIYB Records albums from the years 2005 to 2010! First we are starting with Lenny Diko’s “I Hate Sunday Mornings”. It was Lenny’s last official album that was recorded between 2007 and 2009, and then released in 2010.


1. Love Is Gone Feat Lex & Amanda Silvera
2. It Fades
3. Throw It Away
4. I Hate Sunday Mornings
5. Jodi Emery
6. The Dealio
7. If God Loves Ugly (Sorry Slug)
8. Independent Military Feat Kaz Money
9. And No I’m Not Feat Aria Silenced

The album will officially be available on all streaming platforms by May 20th 2021.