UIYB was founded in 2004 by hip hop artist Lenny Diko, who then quickly partnered with fellow Vancouverite Aria Silenced as an independent hip hop label. What the hell was an independent hip hop label in 2004 doing in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada? Nothing too globally significant, but locally the label was a powerhouse. Promoting shows with the likes of the Sandpeople (Oregon), Living Legends (California), Swollen Members, Moka Only, DJ Moves, Josh Martinez, and many other touring artists. The label itself professionally released over 7 pressed albums that all sold between 1,000 and 5,000 copies (hard copy) and thousands of internet downloads.

Up In Your Basement was one of Vancouver’s most well known underground hip hop labels and Lenny’s hard work paid off. Eventually connecting with artists such as Karl Wolf, Danny Fernandez, Obie Trice, Wu Tang Clan, Jedi Mind Tricks, DJ Maker, DC, Belly, J-Kwon, Classifed, DL Incognito, Project Blowed and many more on either production, touring or music collaborations and releases…

Between 2004 and 2008 UIYB records hosted more than 150 shows in British Columbia including stops in the interior of the province and Vancouver Island. Aria Silenced was sent on a cross-USA tour and the label booked Moka Only’s debut tour back in British Columbia after parting from hip hop group Swollen Members.

Between 2006 and 2009 the label primarily focused on promoting Lenny’s new group with fellow vancouverite Lex, “Violative Cause”. The group toured europe in 2007, came back to Vancouver, made a second and third album and then called it quits after signing a major distribution deal in Asia.

In 2010 Lenny called it quits and folded UIYB Records.

But now it’s back. As a Digital Hip Hop Magazine, or a hot spot for “Dope” as Lenny puts it.  “I was browsing some old sites I used to frequent and I realized that there’s only really two options for hip hop sites online in North America. You either get one that’s full of thug rap and videos of hoodrats doing hoodrat shit, or you get an ultra white-boy geek rap site that seem to focus on publishing the crappiest hip hop in existance that nobody wants to bump in their whip. So I created UIYB as something in the middle. The music I listened to when I was making music, before I was making music and that I still listen to 15 years later. Shit that you want to throw on the phone and connect to your whip to play on the way to work,cruising your city, heading to a party, or when you are headed out of town for the weekend”….

“If it’s good hip hop we are going to post it and talk about it, we don’t care if it’s underground or mainstream as long as it’s good. And just because something sounds like shit, doesn’t mean that its underground either. We want to maintain a certain level of quality here” says Vice President of Operations Keefor McKay. Keefor has been an active part of UIYB since recording and featuring on multiple recordings in 2005. Keefor is now handling the day to day operations of UIYB and managing all content approval.

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