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Rejjie Snow – Crooked Cops (AUDIO)

The Dublin, Ireland emcee, Rejjie Snow, told The FADER he’s about to drop an “art project” with Joey Bada$$ entitled The Moon In You before his official debut album drops…soon?

“Crooked Cops” is the first single off the art project, and is one of the most aggressive recordings to date by the young emcee, who reflects on the writing process and recalls that him and his producer, Rahki, were watching black exploitation films before recording this song.

One of his homies just got locked up and he was on some “anti-police shit,” and  Rejjie wrote “Crooked Cops” in about 30 minutes, and was feeling “aggressive and angry,” which is why Snow raps more forcefully over Rahki’s G-Funk stylized instrumental than he possibly ever has before.

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