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Pat Stay – Perception (VIDEO)

They say “if you can’t do, teach,” which is like the hip-hop community saying, “if you can’t rap, battle…”

Battle rapping has changed a lot since it’s inception, mostly the lack of off-the-dome freestyling being a requirement to rap, plus the cadence that pigeonholes emcees into the battle rapping genre because of a non-transferable style of delivery that isn’t kind to battle rappers who try to make full albums of their punchline rhymes.

Those singles and albums generally flop…

But that ain’t the case with Pat Stay.

His delivery, flow and style of rhyming is similar to his battle raps, but it works.

The visuals Pat Stay dropped for Percetion ft. Earl B and Malu find Pat blaming himself for gettin’ stuck “fuckin’ the same bitch,” as he realizes it might be his choices, his persona, and his fault for continuously falling for the same type of women.


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