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Moka Only – The Next Season (ALBUM STREAM)

To The Next Season” is the 12th LP of 2016 dropped by the tirelessly working Vancouver underground hip-hop legend, Moka Only, released on December 29th via URBNET Records and bandcamp, but didn’t hit most of the mainstream digital platforms until around January 11th, 2017.

Moka Only’s been doing this longer than the Lil’ Uzi Vert’s and the 21, 22 and (unfortunately, now) 23 Savages of the world have been alive, and he’s had more than a few opportunities to let the fame change his sound, but his latest release “To The Next Season” instead continues to embrace the mellow emcee’s rainy day in Vancouver, chill-jazz sound that Moka’s been polishing since the mid-nineties, where his impressive hip-hop resume begins, with of over 80 LP’s, a dozen EP’s, too may singles and features to count, as well as 17 various music awards for his contributions to hip-hop, mostly during his early 2000’s run with Swollen Members.

Moka’s wheels keep spinnin’ thru sidewalk puddles, lo pro Van’s stay scuffed, and the rhymes are never recycled on Van City’s never-sleepin’ emcee’s latest release, “To The Next Season” that was released on Toronto’s independent label, URBNET Records.

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