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Glenn Waco – Assata (Audio)

Glenn Waco is a Portland an emcee who leaves his “revolutionary rhetoric” out of “hard-line confrontation,” preferring instead to hide his messages deep inside his “deceptively laid-back, conversational narratives,” with his “quick, but relaxed flow.”

Growing up in North Portland, an area with a negative stigma, Glenn Waco uses the gas mask he’s often seen in photos wearing as a symbol of how he’d managed to “avoid being poisoned by his environment,” because the “gas mask inhales that negative air, filters it and exhales positive.”

Glenn Waco is a conscious cat; who else is writing a song to remember the 43rd anniversary of the Black Panther Party spokeswoman Assata Shakur’s arrest in New Jersey, 1973?

If you don’t know about Assata Shakur, she was the first woman to EVER be on the Terrorist Watch List.

And, yes…

She’s the step-aunt of Tupac Shakur.

Tell ’em, Glenn.

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